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What's the story?
The Budapest Diary
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What's the story?

The Budapest Diary is proud to announce the next international photography contest for amateur and professional photographers worldwide. "What's the story?" explores the ever-so intriguing question of documentary and portrait photography: what makes the photo so special, what happened during the moment of capture, what's the actual story behind the capture.

The Budapest Diary is looking for photos that capture and freeze a special moment and photos that have exceptional background stories that make them stand out from the crowds.

The international jury of photographers and designers are opening the floor for photographers from all parts of the world, including both amateurs & beginners as well as professional photographers. This allows everyone an equal chance to gain the possibility to exhibit in one of the great artistic centre of Europe, Barcelona.
The selected artists will gain the right to participate in the group exhibition in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, which will take place in 2021 Q2.

- Open for all amateur and professional photographers (beginners are highly encouraged)
- Organized by The Budapest Diary
- Submission of photos: in e-mail to info@budapestdiary.com
- Deadline of submission: August 03. 2020 midnight
- Application fee: 20 EUR (Euros) that can be paid at budapestdiary.com/fee
- All applicants are notified in e-mail maximum 8 days after the deadline
- Exhibition: Barcelona, Spain // 2021 Spring //
- International Jury: all members TBC
- Alice Maselnikova - Creative Director of Supermarket Independent Art Fair (Stockholm)
- Daniel Nagy, Founder of The Budapest Diary
- Roland Szakaly, Hungarian Visual Artist

Rules and Regulations:
- The jury committee only grants exhibition opportunity to selected candidates
- Payment of the application fee does not guarantee inclusion into the group of selected exhibitors
- The submission is only valid if the applicant pays the application fee (no discounts or grants are available)
- The application fee is non-refundable
- Applicants automatically accept the terms and conditions of the competition by paying the application fee
- Applicants grant a nonexclusive right to use submitted photographs for promotional and exhibition purposes, of course with the indication of the artist and title.
- All copyrights remain at the photographer, the organizers use submitted art works solely for the aforementioned purposes
- The Budapest Diary does not pay royalties or any forms of compensation for these purposes
- In case of the violation of the terms and conditions of this competition, the organizing committee reserves all rights to exclude any applicant from the contest
- Submission package to be sent to info@budapestdiary.com
- There are no technical requirements for quality, however, the committee strongly advises everyone to submit entries that are print quality. DPI and Pixel requirements are not determined.

- name and address
- website (if available)
- titles of the submitted photos
- Please indicate your name in the submitted files (firstname_lastname)

- Selected candidates will be notified in e-mail
- Selected candidates will be required to pay a standardized 30 EUR (Euros) for printing and mounting fees (Canson Lustre, 20x30cm, Kapa plast, hanger)
- Since this is a contest, we aim at a standardized display of all art pieces, hence, giving everyone the same amount of space and exposure in the gallery

The Budapest Diary

Szerkesztőség: Budapest I. ker. Corvin tér 12., Tel: 30-659-63-88, E-mail: info@pafi.hu