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Norvég és EGT Alapok 2009-2014 - Tarasztalatcsere és tudástranszfer a kórházi kezelésről / Exchange of experience to facilitate knowledge transfer in effective operation of in-patient care / HU12- Bilateral Action - 3
Nemzetközi Fejlesztési és Forráskoordinációs Ügynökség Zrt.
Norvég és EGT Alapok 2009-2014 - tarasztalatcsere és tudástranszfer a kórházi kezelésről / HU12- Bilateral Action - 3
- Central administrative bodies (312)
- Public Institutions of higher education maintained by the state (383)
- Church institution (552)
- Public foundation (561)
- Institution of public foundation (562)
- Other foundation (569)
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Exchange of experience to facilitate knowledge transfer in effective operation of in-patient care
HU12- Bilateral Action - 3

The HU12 Public Health Initiatives program of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 aims to improve the health status of the population and to reduce the burden of disease in some priority areas, with particular emphasis on mental health services.
The comprehensive health sector strategy, Healthy Hungary 2014-20, envisages a strengthened health care system with clear directions of renewal. Further balancing of regional disparities and better general access to a social health care system remains in the focus development with public health being in the centre point of priorities.
Purpose of this call is to establish new partnerships and to strengthen existing partnerships with domestic institutions of the donor country. Partnerships will focus on the study of efficient financing and operation of in-patient care in cooperation with actors and experts from the donor country, involved in providing health care and/or decisionmaking on health care. This exchange of experience will yield to a knowledge transfer
facilitating the efficient use of resources for sustainable development in the Hungarian health care system.
The present guideline serves to assist the Project Promoter with the terms and conditions of the project proposal. Present document has to be read in conjunction with the General Application Guide, which can be found on the official Hungarian website of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in Hungarian (http://www.norvegalap.hu/?page_id=2607&lang=hu) and in English (http://www.norvegalap.hu/?page_id=3256&lang=en).

The proposal aiming for support of the action has to be elaborated, taking into account the following conditions:
- The proposal shall comply with the regulations of the General Application Guide and its annex, the Eligibility Guideline. The budget plan shall be elaborated in the format and level of details as required by the NORA system.
- The proposal shall contain proper written justification for the budget.
- The final date of the supported action activities shall be no later than 31 October 2017.
- Publicity Plan shall be elaborated and submitted based on the specifications of the Regulation on the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, Annex 4 Information and Publicity Requirements. The General Application Guide includes the Communication and Design Manual with the communication guidance and visual identity as an annex. In line with the Requirements at least one information and communication event is preferred to make explicit and visible the achievements of the action.
The proposal has to be submitted in English via the online application form of the NORA system.
The application form includes the following:
- basic data about the Project Promoter, the Project Partner and the planned action;
- a brief description of the professional background of the Project Promoter and the Project Partner;
- a summary of the planned action in English and in Hungarian;
- indicators;
- a schedule of the planned activities;
- detailed budgets for the Project Promoter and for the Project Partner with written justification, as well as an aggregated budget for the whole action activities;
- publicity plan depending on the relevance to the activity.

2.1. The present action shall accept applicant organizations established
in Hungary as below:
- Central administrative bodies (312)
- Public Institutions of higher education maintained by the state (383)
- Church institution (552)
- Public foundation (561)
- Institution of public foundation (562)
- Other foundation (569)
2.2. Potential Project Partners:
- Public bodies (GFO 54)
- Chambers (GFO 541)
- Other public bodies (GFO 544)

3.3. General rules of the eligibility of expenditures
Eligible expenditures of the action are those actually incurred by the Project Promoter or the Project Partner in accordance with the Eligibility Guideline (Annex 1 of the General Application Guide) and meet the following criteria:
- they are incurred between the first and final dates of eligibility of the action as specified in the action contract taking into account that they should also be in line with the Programme Agreement's Article 4.1;
- they are connected with the subject of the action and they are indicated in the estimated overall budget of the action;
- they are proportionate and necessary for the implementation of the action;
- they must be used for the sole purpose of achieving the objective(s) of the action and its expected outcome, in a manner consistent with the principles of economy,
efficiency and effectiveness;
- they are identifiable and verifiable, in particular through being recorded in the accounting records of the Project Promoter or Project Partner and determined according to the applicable accounting standards of the country where the Project Promoter or Project Partner is established and according to generally accepted accounting principles; and
- they comply with the requirements of applicable tax and social legislation.
The Project Promoter internal accounting and auditing procedures must permit direct reconciliation of the expenditures and revenue declared with respect to the action with the corresponding accounting statements and supporting documents.
3.4. Eligible direct expenditures
Related to the eligible activities, different types of expenditures are eligible. In the proposal, the total eligible budget of the action shall be compiled so that the Project Promoter and Project Partner separately record the different types of eligible expenditures under the eligible activities that they plan to implement. The table below shows the correspondence between eligible activities and eligible expenditures, using cost categories in accordance with Hungarian accounting principles.
3.4.1. Costs of services used (52.)
Costs of consulting and services necessary for the implementation of the action, used according to the market rules and conditions, acquired from an independent third party as well as travel and hotel expenses.
3.4.2. Costs of other services (53.)
Authorities' fees necessary for the implementation of the action and prescribed by legislation shall be eligible under costs of other services. Moreover, costs of the financial guarantee provided by the financial institution and bank costs directly linked to the action shall also be eligible provided they are necessary to fulfill criteria set out in the grant scheme.
3.4.3. Staff expenses (54., 55., 56.)
Wages and contributions defined in the contract of employment or contract of services, compulsory costs that constitute part of remuneration in proportion to the contribution in the action and daily allowances assigned for travel.
3.4.4. Indirect costs
A flat rate of up to 15% of the total direct eligible costs excluding the costs of subcontracting and the costs of resources made available by third parties, which are not used on the premises of the Project Promoter or the Project Partner, shall be considered indirect costs. (Projection base of indirect costs shall be calculated from the following cost categories: 51 material expenditure, 54. wages, 55 other personnel costs, 56
contributions, if the costs fulfill the above criteria) General costs shall include public utilities and rental charges, phone, internet, postal fees, insurance, cleaning,
maintenance, the separate bank account's administration fee and costs of stationery.
3.4.5. VAT
If the Applicant does not have the right to deduct VAT in the financed action, the calculation of the total expenditure concerning the Applicant shall be based on the gross amount, including VAT. If the Applicant is entitled to deduction of the VAT, the calculation of the total expenditure shall be based on the net amount of costs excluding VAT.
3.4.6. Further conditions for eligibility of costs
The Project Promoter and the Project Partners may not conclude private law contracts (beyond the partnership agreement) necessary for the implementation of the action between themselves (including agreements entailing issuance of invoices) (division of labour shall be laid down in the partnership agreement). The budgetary entity participating in the action as a partner and its institution may not provide any kind of
compensation to the Project Promoter in exchange for benefits gained from the partnership.
More detailed instructions regarding eligible costs can be found in the General Application Guideline especially in its annex 1, the Eligibility Guideline.
3.5. Excluded costs
The following costs shall not be considered eligible:
- interest on debt, debt service charges and late payment charges;
- charges for financial transactions and other purely financial costs except for the expenses of the bank account separated for the project;
- provisions for losses or potential future liabilities;
- recoverable VAT;
- costs that are covered by other sources;
- fines, penalties and costs of litigation; and
- excessive or reckless expenditure.
3.6. Further conditions related to the action
3.6.1. Mandatory indicators
As a minimum, the action must deliver the minimum target values of the below listed indicator. The Project Promoter has to ensure that the set indicator is achieved and can be measured by the completion of the action.

4.1. Submission of updated proposal
To submit the proposal, the Project Promoter has to be registered at the official Hungarian website of the Norway Grants: http://www.norvegalap.hu. The application form and the annexes to be attached shall be completed and submitted via the electronic platform (NORA) available on the above website. The application form must be filled out in English. All mandatory annexes must be submitted in English. Please note that to submit the application a short summary of the planned activity is also required in Hungarian.
Applications can be submitted at any moment from the 10 March 2017 until 30 June 2017 or until the total allocation is used. In case of deficiencies in the submitted documentation package, the Implementing Agency shall call upon the Project Promoter to remedy the deficiencies within 5 working days. In case the Project Promoter fails to do so or submits erroneous or incomplete documentation, the proposal will be further evaluated based on the available information.
4.2. Supporting documents to be uploaded as an attachment to the proposal
The maximum size of uploaded attachments altogether must not exceed 50 MB.
4.3. Further details and contact information
Further information regarding the Norwegian Financial Mechanism is available on the official Hungarian website: http://www.norvegalap.hu
Technical information related to the preparation and submission of the online application form may be requested from the customer service operated by the Implementing
NFFKÜ- Nemzetközi Fejlesztési és Forráskoordinációs Ügynökség Zrt.
e-mail: info@norvegalap.hu
Information related to the terms and conditions of the present Call may be requested
from the Programme Operator via Implementing Agency at the e-mail address
In case the Programme Operator receives questions and comments that require the reconsideration of the terms and conditions or any external circumstances to that effect occur then the Programme Operator reserves the right to issue amendments to the current call prior to the deadline of submission by notifying the Project Promoter in a written form.

The Implementing Agency shall verify the compliance of the proposal with the below eligibility and administrative criteria:
- the electronic application form is filled out in English;
- the short summary is submitted in Hungarian as well;
- the declaration - printable after the submission of the electronic application form - was submitted by post and on time;
- the requested grant amount reaches the minimum amount does not exceed the maximum amount that can be awarded;
- the start and end dates of the action are within the eligible time range;
- all the necessary annexes are attached electronically and are duly completed;
- the submitted application form is fully and duly completed;
- there are no quantitative or other contradictions between the individual documents of the documentation package;
- the indicator target value reaches the minimum target value;
- the budget planned for the different eligible activities is in line with maximum ceilings;

The proposal will be subject to evaluation. During the evaluation the PO will assess the quality and preparedness of the proposal, with special regard to the strong bilateral aspect of the proposal and to the budget, especially with a view to achieving value for money. Clarification questions during the appraisal process may be addressed to the Project Promoter, which shall be answered within 3 working days. Based on the findings of the appraisal, the Programme Operator can make the following decisions:
- to grant funding without modification,
- to grant funding with a reduced total amount of eligible costs, with reduced grant amount or with conditions,
- to reject funding.
The Project Promoter has the right to appeal the decision according to the regulations of the General Application Guide.
Please note that the submission is continuous, the review of eligibility and administrative criteria, as well as the evaluation will be carried out in order of reception of applications. The evaluation will be closed when all available funds are granted to eligible, as well as administratively and technically compliant applications.

After a positive decision, the Project Promoter will be offered to conclude a project contract. The project contract shall be concluded between the Programme Operator and Project Promoter. The documents listed below are necessary for the conclusion of the project contract and shall be submitted by the Project Promoter before the contract is signed (if a document has already been submitted, it needs to be re-submitted only if a change has occurred in terms of their content):
- detailed budget plan and financing plan,
- a copy of the partnership agreement.
Before concluding the project contract the partners shall commit themselves to the implementation of the action in the form of a partnership agreement, which shall be drafted in English. The partnership agreement shall as a minimum contain
- provisions on the roles and responsibilities of the parties;
- provisions on the method of calculating indirect costs and their maximum amount;
- currency exchange rules for expenditure and its reimbursement;
- reporting obligations;
- provisions on audits on the Project Partners;
- data and information disclosure requirements;
- a detailed budget, with itemised costs and unit prices; and
- provisions on dispute resolution.

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